The Hitavada (English)

Nagpur - 16th Aug. 08


Sitar Maestro Sardeshmukh provides healing touch

His melodious Sitar lulled them to sleep. Like thirsty people looking for that relishing, relieving sip of water, they all succumbed to the waves of the soothing Swaras of the Sitar played by a Doctor, a musician and a disciple of the legendry Pt Ravi Shankar Dr Chandrakant Sardeshmukh.

Dr. Sardeshmukh was conducting a session on ‘Music Therapy' at the Central India Institute of Medical Sciences as part of their Silver Jubilee celebrations on Sunday.

There were 30 participants inducted for the first session. Some had medical history, while some were practicing doctors.

Dr. Sardeshmukh had his ‘patients' relaxed with Shavasana while he played on the Sitar in what appeared like an elaborate Aalap, Jod and jhala styled melody. The participants were lulled into a meditative trance amidst feeling of vibrations and other tingling sensations. Some even dozed off into deep slumber. After an hour, they were woken up very slowly and each participant was ased to express his feelings.

Explaining the therapy, Dr. Sardeshmukh said that ‘the vibrations felt es an experience of ‘SwarGunjan'. “Music therapy opens up your breathing. We tend to suppress every kind of stress and go about putting on a false mask. Music relaxes your mind. It is magical relaxation” says Dr. Sardeshmukh.

Elaborating further, Dr. Sardeshmukh says “we are living in extremely stressful conditions and as such, we must be happy first, only then can we make others hapy. My therapy is purely a stress relieveing session. I do not go beyond this and all technicalities related to medical problems are referredto the experts. Dr. G.M. Taori explained how we have changed our routine, how a pregnant lady was coaxed and guided by her mother and mother-in-law to take God's name day in and ay out, visit temples so s to have astrong influence on the growing baby's brain. Our sanskars have been forgotten. Even a growing child does not get enough time to spend with his parents. Grandparents groom up the kids these days.

Dr. Sardeshmukh said “all such changes in our life styles need self introspection. We must also do a self introspection when we go to bed. This exercise will help us to reduce stress in a big way. Music therapy is a combination of Physiology, Psychology and Musicology. Many of the participants were seen enquiring about the kind of music they could lisen for such a relaxation. Santoor, Sitar and Flute are instruments which are known to provide the stress relieving music. One needs to go for music with slow tempo for this sort of relaxation. Dr. Sardeshmukh and his wife are deeply involved in promoting traditional Indian Culture and Indian art forms throughout the world. He is currently staying in Japan .