8 December performance in Shinagawa, Tokyo

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Dear All

Dr. Chandrakant will be performing for a get together of College Women's Association of Japan (CWAJ) on 8th December after their regular year-end luncheon meeting. He will be accompanied by Dineshchandra Dyoundi on Tabla.

Ms. Ikeda (organizer) had listened to him some 10 years ago when he performed for CWAJ in New Zealand Embassy auditorium, Tokyo. She wrote an article of this event here http://www.cwaj.org/Cultural/luncheonprogram.htm

It was an interesting story to arrange this performance. About two months back I got mail from Ms. Ikeda of CWAJ, who wanted him to perform on 8th December in the beautiful venue of Tokyo American Club in Takanawa, and give a lecture and demonstration for her members about Indian music. Dr. Chandrakant was scheduled to fly on 8th December to Pune. I requested change of date. But she could not move the date, as the luncheon is last big event of the year. It was a big challenge to change his flight schedule as December is a travelling season out of Japan. But luckily I could rearrang all his bookings and extended a day in his Tokyo schedule. It feels good to perform for same organizer again!!

CWAJ http://www.cwaj.org/ has been a nonprofit, volunteer organization of Japanese and non-Japanese women interested in education, cross-cultural exchange, and friendship. Offering opportunities for women from all over the world to share unique cultural experiences with their Japanese peers, CWAJ provides a long-term link with Japan as well as the immediate benefits of a wide range of activities in and around Tokyo.?The CWAJ membership of 550 women from 30 countries work together in CWAJ's unique Co-Chair system of pairing Japanese and non-Japanese members for each working committee.

At the Tokyo American Club in Takanawa, Shinagawa

Social Gathering: Dec. 8th 2010, 11:30am Luncheon: 11:50am
*Please make a special effort to be there on time.
Luncheon - 11:50 - 12:45

Lecture/Demonstration and performance - 13:00 -14:00

This is a members only event. So become a member if you are interested!!

Pooja Sardeshmukh