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Dear All

On 26th July Dr. Chandrakant gave a friendly performance for the Indian Army 6 Assam Regiment Commanding Officer and his subordinates in New Delhi Cantonment. He also did a jam session with the Jazz band members of the Regiment soldiers- Guitarists and Electronic Drums. After listening to him for a few minutes, one member of the audience immediately contacted Delhi Doordarhan Director General(DG) and arranged a meeting.

On 27th July when we met with the DG, she immediately contacted her staff and asked them to organize recording of Dr. Chandrakant.

On 28th July we got a call from producer of Delhi Doordarshan National Evening Live Show where Dr. Chandrakant was interviewed about healing music and his experiences. The show was telecast at 5:00 PM same evening live. It was an excellent interview and the producer later informed us that she got a lot of good feedback from the viewers and was interested in recording more of his Sitar and experiences.

On 29th July, along with other eminent dignitaries and artists from Delhi, Dr. Chandrakant paid homage to the veteran Indian vocalist of Kirana Gharana, Late Smt. Gangubai Hangal (97) in Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi in a tribute cermeony.

On 30th July, today, as per follow-up from the Delhi Doordarshan there will be a recording for Morning show. I will keep you posted for the date of telecast of this show.

Pooja Sardeshmukh