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Here is a report from the Academy for Appreciation of Theatre, Music and Arts from Indore. The same report is also included in this email and in this link.

Following is a collection of photographs from the Satya Sai School Concert on Aug. 1.

Following is a collection of photographs from the Pioneer Convent School Concert on Aug. 3.


Malhar 2009


Appreciative Generation | 1 Aug 09

In January 2009, Madhukali had organized appreciation events in Bhopal and Indore. Students of Trinity Engineering College, Bhopal were addressed by Mr. G. Raj Narayan, an engineer-cum-musician of Bangalore and Veena player Smt. Radhika Raj Narayan. The engineering students were captivated by the lucid presentation of the speakers who narrated the story of how music and electronics merged empowering performers and learners of Indian music. Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh gave lecture-demonstration at Music College, Indore and Science College Indore. Story-telling and recitation by poets were planned along with film sessions in the two cities. At a media institution, after a show of his documentary "Shackled Motherhood", Dr. Chandan Gupta explained in a lively discussion, why he superimposed images of pecking and flying birds with groups of laughing children.

Appreciation Event at Satya Sai Vidya Vihar, Indore | 1 Aug 09

With reopening of educational institutions, Madhukali planned the Malhar session of AATMA. Smt. Madhavi Chandolikar provided a back ground session before world renowned Sitar exponent Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh enchanted the students of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar in an interactive session. Tabla maestro Shri Ulhas Rajhans explained the concept of rhythm and gave tips on recognizing different patterns of Taal. Prathama (the first lady performer) Ms. Chitrangana Reshwal too gave her inputs. The same group also enjoyed a session with students of Pioneer institution. Children were keen to understand nitty gritty of sitat-playing. Queried one, "How much does it cost to learn sitar?" The other wanted to know whether the small gourd was to rest the instrument on shoulder. A girl complained that twice her finger bled pulling at the Sitar strings; was not there some way around it? The children also had deeper questions - why do they not find young people engaged in learning or playing Sitar?; how does one learn that one has talent for a particular instrument?

The Sound Within | 3 Aug 09

Says one of the AATMA coordinators, Swati Bharatiya, "For years now numerous organizations have been holding concerts of classical artistes, thereby helping the tradition of Indian music and dance. The modern generation, suffers from a serious handicap of multidirectional exposure leaving them impatient and confused. Faced with challenging circumstances a youth with such background is quick to lose control over self and likely to behave in a manner injurious to himself and others. Appreciation, learnt in stages through various forms of art, makes him more empathetic and controlled. When this idea can be recognized by UNESCO through its 2003 convention, why should not organizations include appreciation events to their routine activities?"